Fred-Ings-campaignMeet Fred Ings. Fred was injured when the USS Cole was attacked on October 12th, 2000, while in port in Yemen. While Fred was one of the 31 injured some days he wishes he was number 18 on the list of those killed. Fred suffers from severe PTSD and has been approved for a service dog through an organization that makes them more affordable for veterans in need. We talk about yoga and mindfulness as a way for those suffering from PTSD to come back to themselves. When in a constant state of hyper vigilance it is impossible to feel the calm that a mindfulness practice cultivates. Please help Fred raise the remaining $2200 needed to reach his $5000 goal and provide him with a service dog specially trained to help him. Help him come back to himself.

Warriors for Healing will continue to run this fundraising campaign until Fred has raised enough money for his service dog.

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